Bi-partisan Gun Control Proposal

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Okay, another non book review related post. I had a moment of inspiration and I am sharing it here in hopes of generating discussion that leads to a change in law. The following is what I sent to all of my representatives. I hope you will copy this and send it too.

In light of the recent tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, I have a proposal for fixing some of the problem with regards to easy access to "assault weapons". It is a bi-partisan compromise on both sides and I feel it can appeal to many except for the extreme right and left. This proposal is only part of a solution. I would also like to see improved background checks, prosecution of those who lie on the forms, periodic psychological evaluations, and "tie ins" to other government agencies' databases for constant monitoring of gun owners. Together, we could greatly reduce gun crime in this country while allowing gun aficionados, hunters, and home owners retain their rights.

I propose private citizens the right to own any type of gun provided they pass the required background checks and abide the waiting periods. I propose private citizens the right to retain one pistol per home for home defense purposes. I propose any additional weapons a private citizen owns be retained at a facility approved for their storage by their local or county police department. This facility could be the local police station itself or a private business such as a gun club or shooting range. I propose the owner of the gun must check out their weapon for use and return it within the allotted period of time. I propose that if the owner does not return the weapon within the allotted period of time, a warrant is issued for the return of the weapon. If a warrant is issued, I propose no criminal action will be pursued so long as the weapon is returned to proper storage and no crimes have been committed with it. I propose all logs of check-ins and check-outs are retained with the state and shared with all federal agencies. I propose no limit to how many guns a person may own if they are stored in this manner.

I hope you consider my proposal and discuss it with your fellow representatives.

About me: I am a veteran ARMY infantryman. A few years back my old boss took me to his local range where I was privileged to fire several rounds through his Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle. I can appreciate a good gun and the exhilaration that comes from simply firing one. I would never want to take away another law abiding, mentally stable American's right to bear arms. I think my proposal is a logical and balanced approach to gun control. It should appease the right for it allows gun lovers to own any kind of gun they are approved to own and doesn't limit the number. It should appease the left for it severely limits access to the weapons by anyone not approved. It should reduce crime and allow law enforcement to pursue criminals much faster. I know my proposal needs to be tweaked. I am not a lawyer or law maker. I feel it is a solid platform to start a discussion on.

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